The Transition

I apologize for the lack of activity on Bleu Cartel. Surprisingly, the numbers have been still pretty damn good and I’d like to thank you all. However, the main reason for the lack of activity is due to the transition Bleu Cartel will be going through. Affiliating with Auto Sports custom auto shop and the dominating numbers in the “Rides” section, BC will become an automotive-technology based website.

Originally the plan was to launch Cartel Creations as the car based site, but certain circumstances have led to the cancellation of that move. As much as I enjoyed reading on numerous topics, the numbers don’t lie. Rides page, for the longest, has been the dominating page with Gadgets close behind.

So for now, the site will become a Car & Tech based site. If further changes need to be made, then again, I’ll inform you all.

Again, thank you all.


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