You’re Buying: Audi R8 vs Nissan GT-R

A couple days ago, Motor Trend released a video stating the Audi R8 is “The Supercar Done Right”. While I don’t want to diminish the wonders of the R8, but I feel there’s another supercar that might just be a tad bit better. The Lamborghini twin goes up against Godzilla in a break down to see which supercar is the better engineering marvel. Every PlayStation fan boys fantasy.

As much as I would love to just jump straight into the comparison, we’re going to go through the whole buying process for the sake of keeping tradition going.

After several months of pondering, you’ve finally decided you want in on this “supercar” club scene. $200,000 is the budget, just to get yourself familiar with the lifestyle. The two biggest buzzing cars of recent time both hail from two different regions. One is Japanese, yes, a Japanese supercar; in fact the one that triumphed over the iconic Porsche 911 Turbo. The other, German, corporate cousin to that same Porsche 911 Turbo, and sister car to the mighty Lamborghini Gallardo. That’s right, you’ve made it all the way to the dealership only to be confronted with two beauty’s. The poster-boys for the PlayStation generation. The Italian powered Audi R8 and the legendary Nissan GT-R supercars.

Audi R8: (v10) 5.2 liter FSI direct injection v10 mid-engine. 525 horsepower, 390 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. Price $150,000

Nissan GT-R: 3.8 liter twin-turbo v6 engine. 545 horsepower. 463 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. Price: $96,000 ($106,000 – Black Edition)

Off the bat, the GT-R has quite an impressive lead over the R8. Normally, more cylinders equate to more power, but Nissan has even baffled Ferrari as to how the GT-R is so quick. The R8 falls short on everything on the spec sheet, except for the price.

Handling: The Audi R8 pulls an impressive .98 g on the skid pad with an adjustable ride setting. But the GT-R rules again pulling an astonishing 1.12 g on the skid pad, along with one of the most satisfying ride setting system of recent supercars. [GT-R]

Exterior Design: Both cars command serious attention no matter where on the planet they are. But, they have two completely different styles. The R8 has flare and massive sex appeal. The car that belongs in the lime lights of Hollywood, Vegas, and New York. The GT-R plays a more conservative role. Though still stunning, it seems more like the car that needs to be roaring through tunnels and growling at stop lights. But R8 commands more attention. [R8]

Interior Design: This will probably be the most difficult segment. The R8 doesn’t just win because it’s an Audi, but because it can boast about its high quality materials and driver orientated setup. In fact, the R8 is so good, many have chosen it over its Gallardo twin because of their preference in the R8’s interior. The Nissan is no slouch, having one of the most luxurious and technologically advanced interior. If this was based solely on which I would choose to drive fast in, I’d never come to an answer. But daily practically does play a role and that’s where things change. The R8 is great, if you’re just going for a nice drive out maybe with a friend, but that’s it. Not an interior that really accommodates daily use. However, the GT-R is a supercar that has an interior that fits track days and well, normal days. Seating for 4, more comforting cabin, and an center console interface that is more suitable for any use. I’m probably not explaining this as well as I’d like to. [GT-R]

Fuel Economy: I honestly don’t know why this is a factor especially since every car has been big engine, big price tag cars that make fuel economy irrelevant. But Daily use includes how often you’ll have to stop at the pump. The Audi R8 gets a reported 13 city and 21 highway. The Nissan GT-R gets a reported 16 city and 23 highway [GT-R]

Pricing: Yes pricing is officially a factor to determine if one car is worth the extra money over the other. In this case the Audi R8 v10, though a phenomenal car, doesn’t oust the GT-R in any way other than exterior styling. Which doesn’t translate well for a $50,000 price difference. But if you’re willing to pay the extra bucks just to say you have a mid-engine Gallardo twin, by all means, splurge. [GT-R]

Deciding Factor: Pretty much a one sided competition. Though the GT-R is walking away the winner here, that doesn’t take anything away from how great the R8 is at being a supercar. The R8 definitely commands more attention than the GT-R, but nobody is going to ignore a Godzilla sighting. But if you’re looking for a better styled Gallardo to bring traffic to a complete halt, then the R8 is the car for you.

Winner: Performance, Interior design, Fuel Economy, and Pricing – [Godzilla (Nissan GT-R)]


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