It’s Coming: More 2014 S-Class Spied Photos

A slew of upcoming cars have been dominating automotive headlines. But none has had the entire automotive world losing sleep like the next generation S-Class Benz. The car has some big shoes to fill after all, and everyone wants to know if the Silver Star’s flagship car can rise to the occasion.


When Daimler announced that the Maybach (built on the S-Class platform) line would be discontinued, Mercedes made it clear that it will focus on its own cars, especially the S-Class, the next best thing to a Maybach in Daimler’s arsenal. MB stated that the next S-Class will have to step up, not just as another 7-Series fighter, but now, to wonder into the territory of its once barely recognized big brother, Maybach, and hold its ground against the 7-Series & it’s big brother, Rolls Royce and its former twin, Bentley, owned by Volkswagen. But a lot of talk and speculations have been going on about how well advanced and luxurious the next generation S-Class Benz will be. And as the flagship car, not just for Mercedes-Benz, but the Daimler group in general, it has a lot riding on it’s shoulders.


From the images that have been circulating the web, the next generation S-Class is not going to disappoint anyone. Though it’s “unofficial”  coupe variant, the CL-Class was recently revised with minor updates, that doesn’t seem like its going to transition over to the S-Class. Never mind what I said in the article below, this thing is in for an overhaul of updates, inside and out. It’s possible that AMG is working in conjunction with MB to build the S63/S65 models right away in order to prepare for the fore-coming battle the S-Class faces.

Two videos below. One guy was lucky enough to record the S-Class test mule driving on a Maryland highway. Behind a current S-Class, you can see it approaching in the side rear view mirror.

Second video from the Drive Channel and how MB plans on pushing the S-Class up into Rolls Royce’s & Bentley’s stratosphere with the S600 Pullman & S-Class 4 Door Cabriolet Ocean Drive.


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