Fiorano King: 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Bad has never looked so good. The lusty F12 Berlinetta is here.

Remember when you were younger, around Christmas or your birthday, you would bombard your parents with one particular gift you would really like to have? And as the special days approaches, you spot something wrapped in the closet, fitting the profile of that gift, causing you to lose sleep the night before in utter excitement. Well, this is not quite that feeling, but it’s pretty close.


Why isn’t it? Well, Ferrari being the “parent”, that one “gift” we’ve been googling for is the next Enzo. Ok, so maybe this isn’t the massive super-soaker you asked for, but this is definitely a water gun that will still have you going out Rambo style as you take on your neighborhood friends.


Enough about that, lets get to the good part; the lusty F12 Berlinetta. This thing looks so bad-ass, it should be a sin. That demonic grin is more than enough to lure Eve in to take a bite of the apple, again. Performance? Welcome to the gates of hell. As the replacement to the 599 Ferrari, expectation was a little high. And the 6.3 liter v12 engine producing 731 galloping horses is beyond satisfying. The F12 laps Ferrari’s Fiorano 1.9 mile track in 1 minute and 23 seconds, 3.5 seconds faster than the 599. Making it officially the fastest Ferrari to lap the track, including the current Enzo supercar.

So now, that water gun you originally thought was just good enough, turned out to be the baddest aquatic weaponry on the block.


Break Down coming as soon as more information is available


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