Modern Warfare: M3 vs CTS-V

When factory sourced high performance cars aren’t just quite cutting it. As automotive enthusiast, we love seeing some of our favorite rides tweaked to perform in ways we can’t imagine. And as technology becomes more resourceful, aftermarket tuners are having their way with creating custom rides. Well it seems that the folks at Full Power magazine have decided to pit an E92 M3 against a Cadillac CTS-V. These two cars have been international rivals for some time. The CTS-V was, for the longest, the only high performance car coming from GM without having to opt-out for a Corvette. The M3…well it’s an M badged 3 series, pray.

The video is French based, CV is almost equal to horsepower. 1 cv = .986 horses. The exact numbers have not been given on each car, but on paper it says they are closely matched. You’ll just have to watch and enjoy the video of these two titans going at it.


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