Lamborghini Veneno Unveiled

Lamborghini has easily been at the center of attention amongst the supercar manufacturers. The Aventador took the world by storm, followed by the one-off Aventador J, then came the limited production super rare super expensive Sesto Elemento. And today [03/04/2013], the Italian marquee has unveiled the drastically designed Veneno. This isn’t just another wild rendering floating through the web, this is the real deal.

The latest Bull in Lamborghini’s stable is said to produce 740 horsepower through its potent v12 engine which is found in the Aventador. The extra 49 horses that puts the Veneno over the Aventador comes from larger intakes, revised exhaust systems, and enhanced thermodynamics. Also, the all-wheel drive system, push rod suspension, and seven-speed transmission have been improved.

Essentially, the Veneno is an Aventador with a very promising gym membership. Inside, the two cars have a very similar setup, the side scoops that sit behind the scissor doors remain, and both share a fetish for the use of carbon fiber.

Priced at roughly $4 Million with only three copies slated for production, it is the most expensive, rarest, powerful Bull in the pen. But if you haven’t already heard, all three copies have been spoken for…before they were even built. Money is good.


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