Car of The Week: Koenigsegg Agera-R


Car of the week is back. And I’m getting things going with one of the baddest supercars on the planet; Koenigsberg Agera-R. The small Swedish manufacturer has engineered record-breaking contenders. The Agera-R being the companies current flagship halo car has been on Bugatti’s heels. Calling this promising machinery a supercar is an understatement. With the right fuel, a staggering 1140 horses can propel this super…er, hypercar, to 200 mph in just over 17 seconds, and 6.7 seconds is all the Agera-R  needs to go from 186 mph to a dead stop. All of that pulse-pounding power comes with head turning good looks and the coolest doors on planet earth. This is the car that occupies the number 1 spot on my “Dream cars” list.


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