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Lamborghini Veneno Unveiled


Lamborghini has easily been at the center of attention amongst the supercar manufacturers. The Aventador took the world by storm, followed by the one-off Aventador J, then came the limited production super rare super expensive Sesto Elemento. And today [03/04/2013], the Italian marquee has unveiled the drastically designed Veneno. This isn’t just another wild rendering floating through the web, this is the real deal…Continue Reading

Lamborghini 50th Anniversary


We celebrate alongside the Italian supercar brand as they celebrate their 50th anniversary. Click here for more

The Final Gallardo


It has been announced that Lamborghini will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary next year May in Milan, and will do so with some key moments to mark the occasion. The Italian supercar manufacturer will be hosting an event they call the Grand Giro Lamborghini. Here, Lamborghini owners worldwide will visit the company’s homeland and tour scenic Italian destinations in a massive stampede of raging bulls. Lamborghini has created a site to help the owners with logistics of their vehicle, but owners have to arrange their own travel to and from Italy for the event. If you can’t make it to the event, there will be smaller celebratory events held at Lamborghini dealerships worldwide. But aside from the Grand Giro, the news that has us most excited is that Lamborghini will be introducing a new model. Speculations are it will be a “new” Gallardo or more so a replacement. Being that the Sesto Elemento has already made its debut, the Aventador is the brands new & current flagship model, and the Gallardo has just received a facelift for the upcoming 2013 model year in addition to “The Final Gallardo” campaign from the company, it seems less likely that the surprise car will be a “new” Gallardo and more fitting that it will be its replacement.

Regardless of what the Italian brand has in stores, we can’t wait to see what they have planned next.

2014 E63 AMG Spotted

Mercedes-Benz has been working  on a revised E-Class model. While the 2nd most popular Benz is still waiting to hit production, some spy shots were taken of the top-of-the-line AMG E63. The photo suggest the new E-Class loses its quad headlight setup for a singular design with black bezel housing.

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Tesla Store Grand Opening

Our Envision Bleu team recently went out to Paramus, New Jersey for the Tesla store grand opening in Garden State Plaza mall. You couldn’t have missed it…it was the store suite with the huge crowd in front of it. Front and center is the what is probably Tesla’s flagship car, the Model S. A clever ploy by the store designer as the Model S lured endless amount of prying eyes to see what the car was. Now we were just there to snap photo’s of the store and it’s set-up, but occasionally had to entertain some of the folks trying to find out what they were looking at….

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Bang! Bang! Maserati Confirmed To Add Two Vehicles To Its Line-Up

At the 2012 Paris Auto Show, Maserati announced that they’ll be adding two more vehicles to its line-up in efforts to increase sales. The Maserati that debuted about a year ago, the Kubang, will now be called Levante when it heads to production. The second car is said to be slotted under the Quattroporte and aimed to duke it out with the 5-Series & E-Class called the Ghibli…Yeah, not a fan of the name either. Gran Turismo, Quattroporte, Kubang/Levante…and Ghibli? I hope they reconsider to a name that will be more appealing.

It’s Coming: More Spied Photo’s of 2014 S-Class Benz


When Daimler announced that the Maybach (built on the S-Class platform) line would be discontinued, Mercedes made it clear that it will focus on its own cars, especially the S-Class, the next best thing to a Maybach in Daimler’s arsenal. MB stated that the next S-Class will have to step up, not just as another 7-Series fighter, but now, to wonder into the territory of its once barely recognized big brother, Maybach, and hold its ground against the 7-Series & it’s big brother, Rolls Royce and its former twin, Bentley, owned by Volkswagen. But a lot of talk and speculations have been going on about how well advanced and luxurious the next generation S-Class Benz will be. And as the flagship car, not just for Mercedes-Benz, but the Daimler group in general, it has a lot riding on it’s shoulders.


From the images that have been circulating the web, the next generation S-Class is not going to disappoint anyone. Though it’s “unofficial”  coupe variant, the CL-Class was recently revised with minor updates, that doesn’t seem like its going to transition over to the S-Class. Never mind what I said in the article below, this thing is in for an overhaul of updates, inside and out. It’s possible that AMG is working in conjunction with MB to build the S63/S65 models right away in order to prepare for the fore-coming battle the S-Class faces.

Two videos below. One guy was lucky enough to record the S-Class test mule driving on a Maryland highway. Behind a current S-Class, you can see it approaching in the side rear view mirror.

Second video from the Drive Channel and how MB plans on pushing the S-Class up into Rolls Royce’s & Bentley’s stratosphere with the S600 Pullman & S-Class 4 Door Cabriolet Ocean Drive.

Spied Photo’s: Next Generation S-Class (AMG) Benz

Triggering the remodeling process was the seductive brand new CLS-Class, followed by the CL-Class, SLK, & SL. Mercedes has informed us that there will be a new E-Class and C-Class coming as well. But in the mean time, the company’s flagship superstar is getting a brand new makeover. Most, me, have speculated that the next S-Class will keep much of it’s current body-style, but will utilize the new headlamps similar to that of the new CLS/CL, especially since the CL is a S-Class coupe. The S-Class normally comes as a new model, 3 years after BMW revamps its 7-Series, and Mercedes is not one to break tradition.

But not only has the S-Class sedan been caught testing. Its rumored that the AMG variant is already in the works. That’s right, AMG’s S63/S65 super luxo rides aren’t waiting around for the opening act to warm up the crowd, they’re command center stage. As of now, however, the only thing that truly hints to this S-Class in the lower photo, being AMG models are the sportier wheels they’re wearing, and the shape of the front bumper, molded similarly to current AMG styled bumpers.

Spied Photo’s: Next Generation Ferrari Enzo

The next generation Ferrari Enzo is said to be a hybrid supercar said to pack over 900 horsepower from a 6.3 liter v12 engine. For now we’ll just have to fantasize about how cool the Enzo will turn out to be. I just hope the front bumper doesn’t actually come shaped like that. But the headlights used on the 458 Italia and FF seems to have found its way onto the next Enzo, and I believe we all appreciate that.

BMW Trademark Filing

*Shaston-Lumma BMW 760Li

BMW has recently registered a few nameplates to be trademarked. Some of the names that stood out were of the ‘M’ variant, including “M7”. The BMW: Future of The 7-Series article hinted towards a possible M variant of the 7 Series, this seems to confirm that there will likely be a super-7 coming our way.

There is quite a few names however. It seems BMW has a lot planned as it attempt to grow its brand. Now of course we aren’t expecting every single one of these nameplates to see the light of day, especially the last two row of names.

List of BMW’s registered nameplates:

  • Gran Tourer
  • Urbanic
  • Compactive, Compactive Tourer
  • E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6, E7, E8, E9
  • i1, i2, i3, i4, i5, i6, i7, i8, i9
  • X2, X4
  • M1, M2, M7, M10
  • M35, M40, M55, M300, M350, M400, M500
  • M130, M135, M140, M230, M235, M240, M330, M335, M340, M430, M435, M440, M450, M550, M650, M750
  • M50d
  • Z8
  • GC, Gran Coupe, BMW Gran Coupe, 6er Gran Coupe
  • SportMode, CoolMode, Air Collar, BMW Turbotec, Drive eCharged, LifeDrive, i Pedelec
  • Corniche, Shadow, Wraith, Cloud, Dawn
  • Rocketman, Paceman, Clubvan

Earthquake In Italy

We all love our cars, but we never want to see anyone put in harms way. The article below is from covering the recent earthquake that took place in Italy this morning (5/30/2012).

If you’ve been watching the news, you will, no doubt, have heard about the earthquake that struck northern Italy this morning. 15 were feared dead as a second powerful earthquake hit the Emilia Romagna region just after 9am. The quake was measured at magnitude 5.8 with an epicenter 30 miles northwest of Bologna. This puts the affected area close to the main Italian Automakers, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Pagani. We thought we’d bring an update.

Starting with Lamborghini who’s Sant’Agata Bolognese factory was 19 miles from the epicentre. They were quick to let everyone know that everything is fine at the factory. No damage was caused to buildings but the production process has been shut down for the day. Lamborghini said, in an official statement, that they were checking the factory for further signs of damage and assessing the position with suppliers to predict a potential shortage of supplies.

Ferrari released an official statement confirmed that its factory and other operations didn’t sustain damage but production lines were closed as a precaution “for the safety of families and people getting to and from work.” Maserati followed suit as did Ducati and Pagani, all four will resume production as soon as possible.

It seems that while Italy suffered heavily from today’s earthquake. Italian Automakers, fortunately, suffered very little damage.

BMW M3 & M4 Will Get Inline-6 Turbo Engines

First off, if you’re wondering what the hell a M4 is, BMW recently announced that the 3-Series sedan and coupe will be separated. The Sedan will continue to be the 3-Series, while the coupe will now wear the 4-Series title.

But to the matter at hand, BMW has made it clear that they will utilize turbo’s in the upcoming M3 & M4 cars. Whether they will be twin-scroll or twin-turbo method, nobody knows yet. The V6 option was dropped simply because it didn’t prove desirable to the M division as ideal balance and weight distribution.

The M3 is schedule to debut in 2013 with the M4 coming a year later.

To Infiniti & Beyond

The Nissan brand has been in non-stop work mode refreshing every vehicle under its corporate umbrella, especially it’s luxury arm Infiniti. The new JX has, so far, been more than a success for the endless path brand. And having made the alliance with Mercedes-Benz not too long ago, Infiniti has begun to release news of what the two have been working on, like the next generation Infiniti G and Infiniti Super G (pictured above) which appears to be a Nissan GT-R inspired G with Mercedes technology. Other talks of global expansion and other new models such has the more luxurious Nissan Leaf, the Infiniti LE are just part of what Infiniti has in stores.

To find out more, click here.

Lamborghini SUV Coming


More news has emerged regarding the upcoming Lamborghini SUV, which will show its face in a concept form at the Beijing Auto Show. According to the company’s CEO Stephan Winkelmann, the Lamborghini SUV won’t be available for customers until 2017.

In interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt, Winkelmann said the Italian carmaker could launch an SUV alongside the supercars in 2017. He told the paper:

We definitely need a third line in the mid- and long term. An SUV would be the first Lamborghini for everyday use, not just for the race track or weekends. We would have the opportunity to win new customers.

The new SUV will help Lamborghini to become more profitable, the Italian bull is loss making since 2009. Parent company Volkswagen will decide this year whether it will allow Lamborghini to build an SUV. But it’s almost certain the decision will be positive. From a financial point of view a Lamborghini SUV would make sense.

For the full article, continue reading here.

2012 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Priced At $130,000!!

Yes, you read correctly. The AMG’s new E63 Benz with a performance package wears a price tag of a staggering $130,000. I found out about this when reading Motor Trends article on the new Benz super sedan, and all I can think is “WTF!? Do you know how many other cars I’d rather have than an E63 for that kind of money?” Yes, it may perform well, but $131,045 for this car is flat out blasphemy. The CLS63 Benz with a performance package is $131,215, but this seems reasonable when it’s purist rival the Panamera sits $40K above the CLS’ price. But in the case of the E63, none of it’s competitors sits above the $100k price tag. Lets have a quick price tag break down

The new AMG E-class is clearly over priced, looking on Audi’s website to find a S6 or RS6 pricing to compare, I noticed the Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo’s little cousin, starts at $114K… And there’s no reason why the least expensive on the list, Cadillac, cost nearly half the price of the new E63, yet the Cadillac does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, while the E63 does it in 3.8. Maybe this is a late April fools joke, because after looking at competitors and other AMG cars, I would really like to know how AMG/Benz can justify why this car wears such a hefty price tag.

Mercedes-Benz GL AMG Photo’s Leaked

The new GL-Class Benz is currently sitting in the Mercedes booth at the Jacob Javitz center for the NY auto show, mean while, Mercedes has released photo’s of the new GL’s AMG model. Whether this was intention or not a honest mistake, nobody knows. Why? Because its on Mercedes Future Models page and has yet to be taken down. Take notice to the first two photo’s and the difference in the lower front bumper. The 1st picture may just be a GL with an AMG appearance package, but its extremely rare to see those. So this might just be the actual AMG model, though there are no AMG badges spotted on the truck except for the lips on the rim.

Spied Fisker Atlantic/Nina Arriving For NY Auto Show

More photo’s have leaked on the next Fisker car, this time rumored to be arriving for the New York auto show. At this point, I’m not sure what the name of the car will be. Not many cars come to the NY auto show and don’t enter production, so maybe the Nina/Atlantic will officially be Fiskers next car.

Fisker Atlantic Leaked Photos

Photo’s have leaked of the next rumored Fisker car. It seems that Fisker has dropped the Nina nameplate and has gone with Atlantic for the next vehicle. Rumored to utilize a turbocharged BMW 4 cylinder engine, it will be a two-door, less expensive vehicle than the Karma sedan. But nothing is promised about this car going into production.

Lotus Recruits Mansory

There’s no way we’ll all agree to this team up. Personally, I think Mansory is on and off with their aftermarket design. But according to the article below, it seems Lotus isn’t going to give full design rights to Mansory, but use their network to better design certain aspects of the sports cars Lotus produces.

Lotus Cars already partnered with musician and producer Swizz Beatz, and now the company is joining forces with a German tuning company: Mansory Design. The German company will be the official Lotus customization partner, and the two will launch a new vehicle at the Paris Motor Show later this summer.

Mansory rolled out a modified Lotus Evora at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, and also helped Lotus design the orange Swizz Beatz-edition Evora, as well as a carbon fiber-clad Evora GTE special edition (pictured). Going forward, Mansory will provide bodywork, interior trim, and special finishes for the Lotus Elise, Exige, and Evora sports cars.

“Mansory are leaders in their field,” Group Lotus chief technical officer Wolf Zimmerman said in a statement. “Together, I am confident we will continue to produce outstanding sports cars, with the bespoke qualities that many of our discerning customers look for.”

Aside from Lotus cars, other recent creations from Mansory include a carbon-fiber, 631-hp Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG, and a McLaren MP4-12C with bold gold wheels. We’ve come to expect outlandish color schemes and extreme performance claims from the German tuning group, so we’re eager to see what Mansory has in store for the trio of Lotus road cars.

Jaguar Continues To Lure Us To The Pussy

As part of their new “How Alive Are You” campaign to attract new buyers, Jaguar has released another video, this time, highlighting the beautiful XK performance coupe.

Nissan Rumored To Bring Back Datsun

The company [Nissan], according to Japanese press reports, is planning to resurrect the long-dormant brand [Datsun] for some emerging markets. Executives won’t officially confirm the return of Datsun, but a new round of global product initiatives are expected to be announced this month. The reports say Datsun will become a subbrand, a portfolio of low-priced autos sold in such markets as India, Indonesia and Russia — and specifically not in North America, Europe or Japan.” – Jalopnik

Ferrari Claims Enzo Replacement to Be Revealed By Years End


A select group of very important people will get to see the replacement for the late Ferrari Enzo by the end of the year, according to a report by Automotive News Europe.

Call it a little vindicating: as we’ve previously reported, new reports continue to suggest the replacement for the fabled Ferrari Enzo will be revealed by the end of this year.

The latest report comes from Automotive News Europe, which reports that Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo said the new halo car will be unveiled to a select few Ferrari customers and VIPs before the end of the year. The public unveiling of the car would come a few months later, at either the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit or the 2013 Salon de l’Automobile in Geneva, Switzerland.

Either way, the new car is hotly anticipated: the previous Enzo was plenty futuristic but has languished as Ferrari’s lesser road cars have grown more powerful and technologically sophisticated. The Enzo, which was made between 2002 and 2004, produced 651 horsepower–a number that is easily matched by the 599 GTO. The 599′s replacement, the F12 Berlinetta, will produce 730 horsepower.

Jaguar Starts “How Alive Are You” Campaign

Jaguar has made some serious strides in it’s post Ford days. But the British luxury brand knows it doesn’t occupy the minds of avid car lovers like BMW. The new “How Alive Are You” campaign aims to strike an emotion cord in drivers hearts all over. Removing itself from the norm of bland consistency, they began their campaign with a commercial that instills the theory that man and machine can coexist.

Volkswagen & AMG Target Ducati

In latest automotive news, both Volkswagen and Mercedes’ AMG division are in a bidding war to acquire the Ducati performance bike brand. Ducati recently announced it’s starting sale price of 1 billion euro’s or $1.32 billion. Another brand rumored to be involved in the bidding war is BMW, but nothing has been set in stone on that.

AMG has worked with Ducati in the past to build the Ducati Diavel AMG Special Edition sport bike. As far as Volkswagen, this acquisition will add to their already impressive umbrella of super brands (Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti).

BC will keep you posted.

BMW & GM Team Up Again

Though this has been reported several weeks ago, it’s still news nonetheless. BMW and General Motors have decided to team up, again, on a joint venture to build hydrogen fuel powered vehicles. Both have agreed to co-assist in developing new fuel technology. Prior joint project led to hybrid vehicles such as the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid & GM’s hybrid trucks; Chevy Tahoe/Cadillac Escalade/GMC Yukon.

What’s Next For Nissan/Infiniti?


Nissan is embarking on a 24-month stretch during which it will launch 20 new products, starting with the Pathfinder and its eNV200 electric van concept shown at the 2012 Detroit auto show. Andy Palmer, Nissan’s planning and marketing boss, intends to use this opportunity to reboot and harmonize Nissan’s brand image as a purveyor of innovation and excitement, accessible at all price points. What will be the most important of these new launches? The midsize Altima sedan.  

Mr. Palmer promises the 2013 Altima will match the strongest competitors — the Ford Fusion launched in Detroit, and the forthcoming Honda Accord. A Nissan-designed hybrid version will be part of the plan (the previous Altima bought Hybrid Synergy Drive hardware from Toyota), using a front-drive application of the system developed for the Infiniti M hybrid. A plug-in version will follow in 2015. Looking farther out, Nissan expects to offer a fuel-cell vehicle by 2020 — an assertion made more plausible by the recent joint venture with Mercedes-Benz, a company with a long history of development in the fuel-cell field.

Read The Full Article Here


Goodbye To Maybach

That’s right, Mercedes has decided as of 2013, their luxo division Maybach will be discontinued. The decision was a result of failure of the brand to match and out-compete the sales of rival BMW’s Rolls Royce & Volkswagen’s Bentley. Mercedes stated that they will focus more on themselves.

After failing to come to an agreement with Aston Martin to build a new “modern” Maybach and without the completion of the Xenatec coupe, everything was going down hill.

But all in all, how surprised can we be? The Maybach brand never caught the same fanbase as Rolls Royce & Bentley. Very few are aware that 4 models of Maybach exist. The common 57/57s, the bigger 62/62s, the rare Landaulet (above), and the so exclusive it’s often forgotten, Exelero (below).

Unlike the split of the Rolls Royce & Bentley Motor brand (which were later acquired by BMW & VW respectively), chance’s of Maybach being sold off is not likely under Mercedes’ reign.


2013 Ford Shelby GT500

In late 2009, early 2010, the pony car war was revived with the 3 most iconic muscle cars in American history; Chevy’s Camaro, Dodge’s Challenger, & Ford’s Mustang. Each car dominated in it’s own aspects of performance, some more than others. But it seems that wasn’t good enough for Chevy, which led to the creation of the late supercharged V8 powered Camaro ZL1. This ‘maro was the most likely candidate to make the Challenger…well, no longer a challenge, and also to dethrone the Mustang GT500.

Well it seems Ford is not about to let that title go so easily, so here we have the 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500; the Camaro killer. The new Shelby packs a 650 horsepower, 600 pound-feet of torque producing V8 engine capable of reaching over 200mph. The ZL1 will be packing roughly 580 horses and lb-ft of torque will be about 556. Meaning the only car that comes close in Chevy’s line-up is it’s Corvette(638 horses, 604 lb-ft torque). Ironically, the new Shelby uses the same Eaton TVS Series 2300 supercharger that GM used in the Cadillac CTS-V, Chevy Corvette, and of course the Chevy Camaro ZL1.

It seems while everyone was so amazed watching the production of the ZL1, Ford quietly manufactured one hell of a beast to silence the buzz. Let’s just hope Chrysler, with it’s Ferrari/Maserati family member, is building a Challenger stronger than the 392 HEMI to go up against these two new track monsters.


Lexus Crowned Best Luxury Brand

Always having been recognized for it’s luxury, Toyota’s Lexus division was finally able to snatch the title of Best Luxury Car brand. Triumphing over rivaling brands such as Mercedes-Benz(Daimler Benz), BMW(Bavarian Motor Works), Volkswagen’s Porsche & Audi division, Cadillac(GM), Jaguar(Tata Motor); and homeland, Japanese rivals Acura(Honda) & Infiniti(Nissan).

Porsche & BMW held the top spot for several years with Infiniti, the youngest luxo brand (20 years old), climbing the charts quick. But Lexus proved it was capable of increasing and keeping brand loyalty.


Most Expensive Car Pile-Up…Ever!!

We’ve heard about folks totaling their Dodge Vipers, Lambo’s, & Corvette’s. It’s bad on it’s own to wrap your $80K+ ride around a lamp post or ram it into some 1999 Honda Accord, but to take out not just one, but several other high end cars? That’s beyond ridiculous…What’s worse is having a crowd of spectators watching and snapping pics at you and your friends trapped in the middle of the mess.

Well what do you think is going to happen when you run your Bentley Azure into a S-Class Benz, hit a Aston Martin Rapide, swerve into a Ferrari F430, then scratch up a Porsche 911 in the middle of Casino Square at Monte Carlo? By far the biggest mistake you can make in one move and the most fascinating demolition derby money can buy.

We’re looking at just under $1 million in valued destruction.


Pagani Huayra Spotted In The U.S.!?

Most people never heard of Pagani. The few that have probably came to pass that they will never own one…but to spot one is just as good. Imagine sitting behind or beside a car like this in traffic…yeah it’s that much of a big deal.

BC featured Pagani’s latest AMG supercar, the Huayra back several months ago. And it was almost safe to assume, like it’s Zonda sibling, the Huayra will not be available in the states. But not only has Pagani decided to make the Huayra in accordance to United States safety rules and regulations, the rare supercar has been spotted several times in the country.This one (with Michigan tags) was spotted cruising down a L.A. freeway.

Photo’s From Motor Trend


Audi R8 Stasis Challenge Extreme Edition

The all black look is getting kind of old. But it looks great on the Stasis tuned Audi R8. The Challenge Extreme model R8 doesn’t come with loads of extra body work. They kept it simple…a matte black paint job and then straight to the engine. An additional 185 horses and 132 pound feet of torque boost the V10 engine to a screaming 710 horsepower and 523 pound feet of torque. Well into the territory of it’s Lamborghini cousin. And an exhaust system with a deep growl that almost automatically makes you think of the Aventador.

On the track, the car lives up to both it’s looks and numbers and then some. Running 0-60 around the 3 second mark and clearing a quarter mile in 11 seconds, there are very few cars in it’s class to compete. One being the Ferrari 458 Italia and Japan’s Godzilla Nissan GT-R. But to be honest, this supercharged beast will probably take them both down with ease while dodging potholes.

Check out more photo’s and specs on the Stasis R8 at Motor Trend


Brabus SLS AMG Gullwing Mercedes

They do it well. One of the largest tuning brands in the world, the German based, Brabus, have found a way to make the SLS Gullwing even more attractive, both inside and out. The new carbon fiber body kit includes front spoilers, new air intake vent covers for the front bumper and fenders, lid mount rear spoiler, and new rear bumper elements.

But more than just a body kit. The 700 horsepower bi-turbo V8 can reach 124 mph in under 11 seconds with a top speed of 213 mph. A lot of specs on this tuned Benz supercar.

This isn’t your neighborhood tuned Honda Civic. Brabus knows what they’re doing. So note that performance wasn’t the only thing to go up on this ride. Be prepared to cough up one hell of a check to get your hands on one of these.

For more pics and info on the Brabus tuned SLS Gullwing, check out the DuPont Registry

The Return of Lincoln?

With it’s entry-level luxury cousin, Mercury, discontinued, some thought Lincoln would automatically jump back into glory. But Ford’s luxury arm is taking longer than expected to make a return. And who’s to blame? Ford is completely responsible for the lack luster rides Lincoln has been dishing out lately. While Ford has upgraded all their models, nothing significant has happened to Lincoln. Simply being passed off as re-badged Ford vehicles. No need to give examples, just look and compare both their line-ups.

It’s been years since Lincoln has had a reputable ride, decades maybe. The closest they came to having something worth driving was the potential BMW 5-Series killer, Lincoln LS, which shared platforms with the Jaguar S-type. Other than that, the Ford Expedition based Lincoln Navigator was/is the only recognized model.

Lincoln MKR concept

Now with GM’s surging Cadillac division and Chrysler’s rise with the new 300 and such, Ford is backed into a corner. Ford has announced plans to upgrade models like the MKZ and MKT and make them more than just rebadged Ford Fusion and Ford Flex. Also, the concept MKR will be the Cadillac CTS-V, Chrysler 300 SRT8 fighter. But let’s not hold our breathes. Lincoln is infamous for making great concepts cars and ditching them right when we expect them to release. Note the MKR has been a concept since 2007…yeah.

Sad that it took horrible sales figure and disgusted remarks about Lincoln before Ford took action. Now the parent company plans to spend over $1 billion to modify it’s luxury division.


2012 Mercedes -Benz CLS 550/CLS 63 AMG

With some car brands, you kind of know what to expect. With others, you know to expect something you weren’t expecting. Nissan & BMW always push the envelop, and so does Mercedes-Benz. MB, about 5-years ago, introduced the idea of a 4-door coupe known as the CLS-Class. Since then, multiple brands have copied that platform (Volkswagen CC, Porsche Panamera, Audi’s new A7, etc.). Though debatable, the idea has even been pushed to the SUV/crossover level (BMW X6/Acura ZDX). So how does the car that started it all get even better? Some redefining and sharpening up is usually always appreciated.

The CLS was introduced as the CLS-500 base model and CLS55 AMG model. Even as impressive as it was nearly half a decade ago, the car manages to become even more exciting. Base model CLS-500 jumps from 302 horsepower, to the CLS-550’s 402 horses. The new 550 is also loaded with 443 pound feet of torque powered by a MB twin-turbo 4.7liter V8. The new base model can put the old AMG model to shame with it’s improvements. Running the same time as it’s AMG predecessor, the CLS550 clears 0-60 in 4.3 seconds…Now with all that coming from the new base model, the new AMG is by far more impressive than 95% of vehicles on the road.

And all that speed does not go unattended to. Safety is a major factor with Mercedes. The 2012 CLS comes with 14 on-board safety features from front to back. So you can push the near-supercar to the limit and not worry about losing control or losing something worse.

Pricing: Starting just over $71,000 (CLS550), $93K+ (CLS63)

Performance: 402HP, 443 pound feet of torque, 4.7L twin-turbo V8. 0-60 in 4.3seconds

Styling: Updated elegant exterior, isolated seating interior. However falls into the generalized “Mercedes” look. Not much facial differential from sibling cars.

Bleu Cartel Rating: 4.8/5. The new CLS-Class gets the job done in every aspect. You get styling, performance, and safety all in one. For the price range it falls under, badged boldly with that three-point star, almost makes it a steal.


Welcome To The World; Citroën GT (+Video)

American Muscle, Japanese Tuners, Italian Sport, German Performance, & British Luxury…But what about those French? First was the Bugatti Veyron and now this…Another “Must Have” $2 Million super…hyper-car. Straight from the video game to reality, the Citroën GT. A car so powerful, you can literally hear the engine guzzling the gas each time the accelerator is pushed (video below).

Citroën planned to build the GT about nearly 4 years ago. The two-seater sports car was inspired by the Gran Turismo 5 racing game for the PlayStation 3. And in all honesty, this is something I’ll gladly go in debt for…joking of course……….Anyway, announced back 2008-2009, Citroën spokeswoman, Anouk van Vliet stated that there will only be six “examples” of the GT to be made. Makes that Audi R8 GT story seem more reasonable.

Now here’s where the story becomes a mixed-blessing. Parent company, PSA Peugeot, has not been in the American market in almost 25 years. However, the Citroën is planned to be available worldwide. Each of these mid-engine hypercar will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $2.1 million. Now, to get a car who’s parents fled the states decades ago, back into the states will cost some serious cash. But then again, if you have $2 million dollars to spare for a car, you probably have enough to get it flown out here…and some extra to buy stocks in BC whenever we go public.

The aggressive body is made of carbon-fiber and loaded with gull-wing doors, gaping air intakes and large rear diffuser. Head of design for the GT was also one of the designers for the Nissan GT-R. So maybe we can expect some edgy design for the next generation GT-R.

The Citroën GT rivals the likes of the super-exclusive hypercars of the world. Such as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, BMW Vision, Zenvo ST1, Hennessy Venom GT, Pagani Huayra, & Spyker C8 Aileron

For more on the Citroën GT, Click Here


2012 MB SLS AMG Roadster

Clip the wings off and add a retractable roof to the born-again SLS supercar and you have possibly the best ride for the summer. Though Mercedes has been quiet about the announcement of it’s recent SLS model, performance numbers have still gotten out. The roadster will keep the 6.2L aspirated V8 engine from it’s gull-wing coupe model, with AMG’s seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, capable of pumping out 563 horsepower & 479 pound feet of torque. Sure to get you from the beach to the party within minutes…and in style.

The AMG roadster is slightly heavier than it’s standard model counterpart, by 88 lbs. Mainly from adding stronger support frames around the windshield and air tunnels throughout the car. To avoid from adding even more weight, the rag-top roof was chosen over a retractable hard-top.

Also debuting on the roadster is a pair of toys from Mercedes’ performance arm: the AMG Performance Media system and new Adaptive AMG Sport Suspension. The racing-inspired AMG Performance Media displays real-time information of lateral and linear acceleration, 0-60 mph acceleration time, and the temperature of vital engine fluids such as oil, coolant, and transmission. Additionally, the system can record and store lap times whenever owners take their SLS out on the track. The Adaptive AMG Sport suspension allows various damping levels with three modes: comfort, sport, and sport plus. The new suspension system is optional and will also be offered on the coupe in the near future. –


Equus: The Maybach level Hyundai

Usually, BC covers new and upcoming cars, but the Korean auto maker, Hyundai, has been making quite some noise lately. A lot of it is coming from their most recent release, top of line, $60k+ Equus car. You read right, over sixty thousand dollars for a Hyundai. And when you look at what you’re getting, its a steal. The Equus rivals the likes of Lexus LS and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but cost anywhere from $20k less to half the price of it’s Japanese & German competitors. In fact, the car is said to be the closest thing you can get to a Maybach…Yes, the Mercedes super-luxo sedan, Maybach.

The car is loaded with all sorts of technology from front to bach…excuse me, back. Like rear entertainment, reclining massage chairs, mini fridge, and even an iPad. All this from the brand, 5 years ago, nobody spoke of.

And if you’re not satisfied with the standard length, you can opt out and get the limo verison. Which is just an extended wheel-base making the car about 10 inches longer. You can see the difference in the images below.


First Look: 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

This is the second time BC has covered the new super Italian raging bull. First was the unveiling…and now. The 2012 Aventador is the new face of Lamborghini. An all new carbon-fiber monocoque, top speed of 217mph, and 691 horses that gallops the bull from 0-60 in just about 2.7 seconds. Faster than the amount of time you have to think, then utter the word “…wow”. Supercar? No, this is in the realm of hypercar. It puts America’s pride, the Chevy Corvette, to shame. It makes Japan’s Godzilla, Nissan GT-R, look like it needs some motivation. And just about stomps on the grounds of every other super/hypercar that has come before it. Let’s be honest, standing still, the thing looks like it’ll barricade through a brick wall.

The body of the Aventador is “modern”(if you want to insult it). A new front fascia that remains Lamborghini like, but the rear is amazing, gives those poor souls in the Honda Civic something to look as you’re breezing past them. Overall, it’s very futuristic, resembling a F-117A plane. Jet fighter style design; enough edges to make a curious child think twice about rubbing their ketchup stained stubby fingers along side your “Nighthawk wing” style doors. Yes, the iconic scissor doors are pinned to this masterpiece (“Lambo-doors” for those who call it that). And lets not forget that clear-cover over the engine that showcases the heart of the beast. The interior is no slouch neither. Driver seat is fully decked out, almost like you stepped into a sophisticated cockpit with a push-to-start buttons that looks like a “launch missiles as a last minute defense strike” switch. Having the privilege to sit in one of these bad ass bulls, I felt I was in position to declare war (very American). Nothing but switches, dials, and pretty good display of a light show. Gauge display (speedometer, etc) is completely digital.

Pricing: Starting at $393,695, that’s enough for about 4 Nissan GT-R’s…or a nice home.

Performance: Accelration is beyond amazing & capable of turning left or right with the same precision it can thrust itself forward.

Styling: Need I repeat this entire sorry?

Bleu Cartel Rating: 5/ 5. This is what a supercar should not only look like, but perform like. Interior & exterior style is outstanding and rides like it’s been personalized to your preference. Something you pull up to the country club in with a casual outfit and make your fellow millionaires feel like they haven’t accomplished anything.

Photo’s from MotorTrend.Com

Lamborghini Aventador Mini Movies. Enjoy


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